In your beautiful eyes, when you laugh or you cry, I can see the real woman in you” I wish I’d written these words. “All of my days” is the first solo CD from Kenny Herbert and it is an excellent debut from a very talented songwriter. As a good friend I can say that his feelings and thoughts on our time in this world are well represented in his words and music. I share many of his views on the things that are important to us in our lifetime, love, peace, understanding, laughter and tears, and most importantly compassion towards all others. Songwriters have used these subjects throughout the centuries to express their love for this life. I believe that Kenny has captured all of these feelings and emotions in this collection of very well crafted songs. For all of us who smile or shed a tear with the power that music contains “All of my days” will fulfill.
KENNY HERBERT is a Edinburgh songwriter who has been working on the music scene for the last 20 years having been inspired to write and perform throughout his life by the words and music of Paul McCartney. During this time he has always written and recorded original music and insists the reward is being able to write and perform his own songs for people to enjoy and relate to. Kenny says “My latest album ‘ALL OF MY DAYS’ was recorded by David and through his friendship and musical talent I have completed an album of self penned songs that I am really proud of. Again, these are all heartfelt compositions written and performed because of my own experiences in life. Over the years recording with Davie in Denia, Spain, Abbey Road 2, London and in my hometown of Edinburgh has been a real joy and the fulfilment of a life long ambition, long may it continue”.

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