Nobby and David worked together on 'Going Home' in Spain and in Edinburgh. It wasn't always convenient or practical for Nobby to fly off to Spain to record another song so he continued to record songs in Edinburgh. Four of the songs are produced by Nobby : 'Our Children' 'Dance with me' 'Wonderland' and 'Shows Over' with contributions from Rab Howat guitars, Martin Wykes percussion, and DougieCoulter bass. All the other songs on 'Going Home' were produced, played and programmed by David Paton. A lot changed for Nobby in his working and personal life. Composing music and lyrics was his saviour and Nobby again has found the enthusiasm to write and sing great songs. His ability to write passionate lyrics and haunting melodies is evident on this album. "Going home" is the title of his current album with eleven well written songs which have been held in high acclaim by those who have had the opportunity to review the album.


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Nobby and I have had a friendship that goes back to the early 70's, there were times over the years where we lost touch but we always picked up from where we left off on meeting up again. He has always had a flare for writing and 'Going Home' shows how his compositions have matured into a very fine art form. They're not just songs, they're stories, thoughts and reflections on the ups and downs of life that we can all relate to. This is the second solo CD from Nobby and his first 'If Only' is a great testament to the art of writing songs from the heart.

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