Working together with Kenny and Rab on this album was a real joy. The studio is a place for being creative and when the chemistry is right the creativity will flow. From the moment we recorded the first song together we knew that the energy was there, the ideas came easily and best of all, putting this album together has been great fun from start to finish. What you hear is spontaneous, no spending hours getting the right sound out of the snare, no 10 takes to get the guitar solo right and after getting the level right the vocals would generally go down first take. There are many positive ways to describe ‘Songs of our lives’ good songs, good ideas and unlimited imagination. This was about great friends who really enjoy working together. I am delighted with my involvement and look forward to our next project.

David Paton Songs

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After writing and playing together for a good few years and then being invited to play ‘live’ in Liverpool on BBC Merseyside’s, Spencer Leigh Show, Edinburgh musicians and songwriters Kenny Herbert and Rab Howat have written and recorded a new collection of songs using all their influences. Recorded in Denia, Spain, Abbey Road, London and in their hometown of Edinburgh they have tried to keep this original music both as ‘atmospheric and exciting’ as possible by coming up with strong melodies and heart felt lyrics. Along with a David Paton composition, great playing, singing and Davids’ excellent production this is a set of 12 original songs considered timeless and endearing to the listener. ‘Songs of our lives’ is an album worthy of any stage. In the music business some songs will forever remain ‘as good as it gets’ and undoubtedly be listened to, imitated and enjoyed for always. Hopefully the people who listen to this album will enjoy the music and be inspired by these songs?

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