Studio Diary has arrived. I hope you all enjoy it. The Studio Diary is being released as a CDR. This shouldn't make much difference except for really old equipment that won't play CDRs. Track Listing and more information about the album is below.

David Paton Songs

01. That way. DP
02. My happiest day. The Middle Gate
03. The Gentle touch. DP
04. Sunday morning. Low Tide
05. So Deep. DP
06. Creepin'. Ric Thomson
07. Like a Flame. DP
08. Robbin' the Beggar. Rab Howat
09. Last night. DP
10. Days like these. Kenny Herbert
11. You're the one that loves me. Nobby Clark
12. Delicate. DP
13. System. DP (bonus track)
14. Star shine. DP


Here is some background information on the artists and tracks:

Track 01. That way. A fun song to start the album, designed to raise a smile.

Track 02. My Happiest Day
. Kenny Hutchison played me this song when we were doing a session together at The Sound Station (owned by Calais Brown who plays guitar with The Flavours). Kenny is the keyboard player in the band and we perform at the Jam House every Friday and Saturday. We have worked together for 4 years now, in fact the band celebrated their 4th anniversary at the Jam House on Thursday 19th of November. I did manage to avoid the Jagermeister but sadly consumed far too much Pino Bolla and staggered home at about 1.30am. I got in a taxi and I remember the driver saying "I know who you are, you're that guy from Pilot". I wanted to say "thank you, I'm flattered that you recognise me after such a long time", it came out as "Ish ah rright, shmashin'. How he managed to decipher my description of where I lived I'll never know, I think I gave it to him in Swahili. As I fell in a heap after getting my key into and out of my front door lock (which seemed to take forever) I heard myself say "I'm not drunk you know, hic", oh dear! (I've been here before). James Mackintosh plays all guitars and ukelele, he is Kenny's pal from when they went to school together and as you'll hear, he is a fine guitar player. Kenny is multi-instrumental and handles the lead vocal as well as playing mouth organ, accordion and piano all at the same time (only joking).

Track 03. The Gentle Touch.
When I wrote the chorus I had dedication to music in mind. Eventually the words for the verse gave it more of a love song theme.

Track 04. Sunday Morning.
Steve Davidson is now the resident singer with the Flavours and he has a lot of charisma as well as a really good voice. Mike McCann is a friend of Steve's and he plays bass and sings back up vocals on this track. I think they write their songs together.

Track 05. So Deep.
"Not so long ago, I lost all my desire, gave up my trust in love, I thought love was just a liar. Sometimes the wrath of love, is hard to understand, it takes a little time to separate true love from bad".

Track 06. Creepin'.
Ric Thomson initially sent me an e-mail enquiring about the studio. I told him the studio was only used by myself and my friends. I asked to hear some of his music and I liked what I heard. I arranged to meet him in Cafe Rouge on Frederic St. We chatted and I liked him so a date was set for him to come and record a song. "Creepin'" is the first song he recorded with me and we have collaborated on a few songs this year including "So Deep" and "Delicate".

Track 07. Like a Flame.
I don't want to give too much away as I have written about this song on the sleeve notes. Obsession comes to mind.

Tracks 08. Robbin' the Beggar.
and 10. Days like these. Kenny Herbert and Rab Howat are good pals and I met them through my mate Davey Valentine. Davey runs Heartbeat studios and Kenny and Rab recorded there as a duo. When I was in the Beachcombers back in 1969 Davey was in a band called The Hipple People, I've known him even longer than I've known Nobby. When I was with Camel, Mary was nearing the end of her pregnancy with Katy. Camel wanted to rehearse for the upcoming tour and recommended we rehearse in Edinburgh (just in case), we rehearsed at Heartbeat and the photo of us all sitting on the hay was taken at Guildie Howse farm where Heartbeat is situated. Anyway, Davey phoned me and asked if I would play bass for Kenny and Rab on their album, the friendship grew from there. When I moved to live in Spain, Kenny and Rab and Nobby started coming out to use my studio in Denia.

Track 09. Last night.
It's amazing how much fun a couple can have with a bottle of wine, candle light and a lovin' touch (Oh Matron!).

Track 11. You're the one that loves me.
Nobby has been a good friend for a very long time. We lost touch when I lived in Berkshire England from about 1982 till 1991. We picked up the friendship when I returned to Edinburgh and have shared many great times together, musically and socially.

Track 12. Delicate.
The words really get to me in this song. Ric wrote them about a couple he knew in his village. The couple were life long partners, married for many years until they were separated by a tragic accident.

Track 13. System.
Japanese distributors like to have a bonus track on CDs. This track was recorded as a bonus track for "The Search" (Japan only) and has been remixed for the "Studio Diary". Not all my songs are based on real experience and although my first job was as a mechanic, wait a minute:

I'm a working man with the risin' sun
But it's the midnight hour before the work is done
I believe I know what I should do
But it aint worth nothin', if I don't have you
All in all I know what must be done
I gotta learn a system, before I beat on the drum
Gotta learn a system

No, it's definitely not about me. Lazy Davie would never work from sunrise to midnight.

Track 14. Starshine.
Bobby Heatlie has had a very successful career as a songwriter. Among his successes has been "Japanese boy" recorded by Aneka. He also wrote a load of songs for Shakin' Stevens including "Merry Christmas Everybody". We met in the 70's and he is a good friend, not only to me but to Kenny, Rab, Nobby, Davey, huh, we're all pals together. When I told Bobby about the Studio album he said he had a song he'd like to hear me singing. This is it.

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